Healthy food for healthy life

Good health is not a coincidence. For anyone to enjoy good health they have to make efforts consciously or sometimes it so happens that good habits are ingrained in one's upbringing by family tradition or by diktat of religion. Food , amongst other things plays a vital role in maintaining good health. If we look around us in poorer countries we have examples of what a deficient diet could lead to . In more wealthier countries we have examples of what over indulgence with food could produce. There are now solid scientific data to link food with various illnesses and even cancer. Now let us look at few of the common health food stuffs and see what they provide.

Carrot : is full of vitamin-A. Red variety has 10- 15 times more carotene than the yellow variety. Vitamin -A is not only good for your eyesight but it it is also important for smoothness of skin and together with other substances it has anti-oxidant effect, i.e. it protects body from various harmful particles called free radicals.

Onion : Not only it gives taste to food but onion is a rich source for vitamin-C. It is also helpful in constipation.

Tomato : Adds to the taste and appearance of food. Again a rich source for vitamin-C and eaten whole provides bulk to stool.

Papaya : A ripe papaya is a good source for vitamin -A. Unripe is a good source for papaine, a digestive enzyme.

Banana, custard apple and Guava : Very easy to digest and a good source for calories mainly in carbohydrate form. Helps to relive constipation.

Mango : Is a good source for vitamin -C and vitamin-A. Fibres provide bulk for stool formation. It is also a good source for calories in carbohydrate form. Vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, drumstick are rich in vitamin-C and roughage. Potato is a good source for vitamin-C and calories. Brinjal is high in iron content. Pulses are good source for proteins and roughage. Curd is a good source for vitamins and lactobacilli, a friendly variety of bacteria. They help maintain healthy interior environment . Milk and egg are considered to be complete food in themselves. Too much fat may invite heart attack and other diseases like acidity, obesity and its consequences.

Soyabean : is an excellent source of protein especially for vegetarians.

Cereals : like wheat , rice, maize etc. are excellent source for proteins and vitamins.

Meat : is implicated in cancer of large intestine.

Fish : is a good source for proteins and vitamins including vitamin -D and minerals like iodine. Very sour food or aerated drinks can produce acidity and ulcer. Thus we recommend that a healthy diet needs little bit of planning. Take plenty of vegetables few of them are mentioned above and there are plenty of alternatives to suit your geographical location and taste and pocket. They provide you with plenty of vitamins and minerals and calories and provide bulk to stool. They are easy to digest and low in fat and calories so you don't run the risk of being obese and prone to heart diseases. Take milk and egg as per your liking. Include pulses and soyabean in diet especially if you are a vegetarian. Include cereal in your diet in form of roti or bread or cooked rice. Show caution with excessive consumption of meat. Cut down fat in your diet . Salt is not a natural dietary requirement and hence less the better. Same with sugar which is suspected as the root of many diseases. Do not consume too much aerated drinks. Do not fill up your stomach at a time. Take small and frequent meals.