These days, it seems more and more hospitals are getting out of the business of owning physician practices. One major reason is they are losing money. A recent Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) study revealed the average hospital-owned practice loses $47,000 each year and generates $130,000 less per year in net revenue than the average non-hospital owned practice. Another recent study by Coopers and Lybrand showed that hospital-owned physician practices lost $97,000 per physician practice per year. Experts attribute this loss to many factors, including:

Conflicting agendas between hospitals and physicians.

Hospitals have a smaller number of employed/managed physicians, which limits operating economies.

Employment or management arrangements that don't give physicians room for ownership.

The inability to bill and collect old accounts receivable. This generally results in higher losses than necessary.

Does all this sound too familiar? The fast changing health care market is making hospital administrators look for a partner who will work with them, not against them. In short, you know you need help, but are leery of the headline-making companies that spend more time buying practices than managing them.

Now, there's a choice.

Raven HealthCare Management's team of experts can act as a liaison between the hospital and the physicians. This arrangement will help you anticipate and prevent many problems before they occur. We can also help you develop and operate an effective management service organization (MSO). The bottom line is that we will efficiently manage your physician practices so you can get back to the business you know best - running a hospital.