Taking a multivitamin

Taking a multivitamin can be beneficial whether on a diet or not. In an article about who should take vitamin supplements and why it discusses various reasons why it is important to take vitamins in addition to eating a healthy diet. The main reasons stated were that nowadays we do not eat like people ate years and years ago nor is the food supply as nutritious. We are inundated with fast food options and even when we do cook and try to eat fruits and vegetables the way they are farmed is geared for quantity rather than quality most of the time. This mass produced way of farming results in produce which is grown in soil containing less nutrients and picked before they are fully ripe where the nutrients in the vegetable or fruit are optimal.

Our lifestyles contribute to our deficit in nutrition also. Stressful fast paced lives keep us from eating healthy and environmental toxins deplete our bodies’ nutrients leaving us over taxed and fatigued. We eat more food with less nutritional value which adds to the obesity problem that is only growing over time and also adding to health problems and the nutritional deficit and need for nutritional supplementation.

So whether or not we are restricting our calories chances are we are not getting the recommended and required amounts of vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables in the food we eat. It is wise to research good quality brands of multivitamins and begin taking them immediately to stay healthy and ward off the disease and other symptoms of nutritional deficit before it becomes a problem you cannot reverse.