When we start

When we start our weight loss plan itís exciting to see the number on the scale plummet as our reward for all the painful food restriction and exercising we diligently put ourselves through. However there comes a point where the weight loss ceases even though we feel we havenít stopped putting forth effort necessary to continue dropping pounds.

This is called a plateau. This happens when your body adjusts to the new calorie intake and it is not as impactful as it once was. When this happens the best thing to do is to understand that this is a normal occurance in dieting. If you want to continue to lose weight you will have to step up the exercise or reduce your caloric intake further. It may take a few days of your new routine to get your body in a weight loss mode again but if you stick with it and understand what is happening you can work through it and conquer your plateau.

Make sure you havenít hit a plateau because of excessive cheating on your plan..making too many comprimises and reasoning it away. Also make sure youíre drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. Sometimes dehydration or lack of sleep can lead to snacking because we are misinterpreting the feeling as hunger when it really isnít.

In short, donít let a plateau throw you off track. Stay the course and go for your goal!